HAMPDEN Park residents are being asked to contribute towards the cost of having your Covid vaccine.

An online appeal has been set up hoping to raise £2,500.

How much does a vaccine cost?

Did you know that a Covid Vaccine costs the government between £2.15 and £28.00 per dose depending on the manufacturer? In the UK we are blessed to have a National Health Service that ensures that each person can get the vaccine for no cost to them personally. In many places around the world governments can’t afford to pay to vaccinate their citizens and in a pandemic nobody is safe until all are safe.

It would be wonderful if everyone that receives a Covid vaccine in the UK could make a donation to cover the cost for someone else in the world.

Hampden Park is a special place

Hampden Park is a special place and I feel sure that we can raise a substantial amount to help those less fortunate than us in the world. Let’s pull together as a community and do what we can to help bring the pandemic under control. Please consider donating what we you are able to give at this time in thanksgiving for the vaccine that you have received.

Every blessing,

Fr Adam Ransom

Donations made to UNICEF’s VaccinAid appeal will go towards UNICEF’s work to purchase and deliver Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatment to bring an end to the pandemic. In the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your donation will go towards the Children’s Emergency Fund.

Go to Hampden Park and the Hydneye vaccine fundraiser – a crowdfunding project in Eastbourne by Hampden Park and The Hydneye (vaccinaid.org)