YOUNG Harrison Dann announced last night The Toy Shop in Langney Shopping Centre will be closing down.

He said it’s been tough and he tried to keep it open.

He said: “To all our loyal customers, friends and family. It is with a very heavy heart we announce that we are closing. We have been through a tough run, starting out at 17 was never gonna be easy and on top I’ve had to deal with COVID and now the cost of living crisis.

I have done everything I can to keep the doors open working 3 separate jobs day and night to bring in as much additional income to help plug the gap but it just wasn’t enough.

I want to thank each and every customer who has shopped in my shop over the last 4 years you’ve all been absolutely amazing and from the bottom of my heart I can’t thank you all enough.

My staff have been amazing each and everyone of them that have worked for me have been brilliant. I wouldn’t of achieved what I have if It wasn’t for you lovely people!

This most definitely isn’t the end of the road and we will be back later on next year. We will be online as of January and will be having a stall out side Kiddicity this will also be early next year as well.

This as I’m sure you can all imagine is extremely tough on me as my business is everything to me but I’ve run out of options.

I’ve battled to do everything I can and this has taken a massive toll of me and my whole life so Now is the time for me to take a little bit of a break to get back into a good place and rebuild.


Below our my opening hours this week –

Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – 9-5

Thursday- 9-5

Friday – 9-5

Saturday- 9-5

Sunday 10 – 1:30

Below are some pics of my journey so far this is just a bump in the road.

Thank you all so much

Harrison x”