THE Beach Tavern has been bought in Pevensey Bay by Mike Cobb ‘Sunset42. And now they want your ideas on how it should be developed.
Here’s their request:

“This lovely old pub, which has been boarded up since 2015, is now under new ownership.

As the new owners, we want to make Pevensey Bay proud of her again, doing something that’s fun, involving the community, so that it adds something back to the village and makes people come and visit the town.

The project to redevelop the site will take quite a while, and we don’t want this beautiful village to suffer from having a derelict pub at the end of the town high street, in such a prominent place.

Please help with this 5 minute survey about what to do in the near term, while we engage the architects and go through planning for the site redevelopment. Thank you.”

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