Tubbs is run entirely by volunteers, repurposes donated IT kit and is working to close the digital divide by offering equipment to those in need.

It’s based in Eastbourne and offers help throughout  Sussex and the wider community; in particular, school children, and job seekers.  

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell said: “I have spoken to Chris who runs the operation who told me they are running extremely low on funds and may be forced to close unless they can secure financial help.

They have an application to the Lottery which I have supported but these next weeks are critical. 

If you were in a position to donate, any amount, no matter how big or small, it could make the difference.”

The link is here: 

Tubbs offers free IT equipment to those in need throughout the Sussex  and wider community; school children, job seekers,  older adults and individuals  seeing self-improvement. 
It costs approximately £2000 every month to cover overheads and we are asking for your help please!
Chris and the volunteers would be forever grateful for any donation you could make, no matter how big or small – please.