AN EX-STAFF worker at the DGH has appealled to the public for help during this tough time.

Phillippa Farrant has made this urgent plea on social media:

“Some of you may know I used to work in Intensive care at the DGH and I am in touch with a few of my old colleagues.

They are struggling not only with the workload but their hands are so sore from the constant glove wearing and washing of hands.

If anyone has spare unopened hand creams or moisturizers they can donate please get in touch. You can drop with me ..or I am going to see if I can get a shop in Langney to collect.

Any of my friends that are Avon, Body Shop or Oriflame reps and have spare samples that would be great too..

Let’s look after these wonderful guys….”

Philipp\a can be contacted through her Facebook page.