A high profile Eastbourne businessman has made a scathing attack on Eastbourne Borough Council.

Yesterday on Facebook, the council posted details of changes to our rubbish collection.

From April, it will be fortnightly for most of us.

Mike Walker is founder and managing director of CountyClean Group of companies.

This was his reaction to the council’s argument: “Total tosh .. just admit someone got their sums wrong … bring it in-house it’s easy !! no tender opportunity .. no experience whatsoever in Waste Management .. now who’s paying for it ? The residents of Eastbourne .. why are you guys never accountable hey.”

Councillor Jonathan Dow replied to Mike: “What a load of nonsense !!In house service is far better in service delivery and cost less than being outsourced. It’s been a fabulous success setting up SEESL and delivering service with tupe’d team from kier.”

Mike called the councillor’s response ‘nonsense.’

Cllr Dow added: “If it was in private sector ownership, shareholders profits would be added to costs whereas now any saving against budget returns to the public purse.”

Mike then said: “Johnathan Dow , If it was the private sector you wouldn’t get away with it .. if I said to all my customers that I would be reducing my service levels by circa 50% but charging you the same I would go skint . Simple economics but I guess i’m in the real world and totally accountable and transparent to my customers .”