THERE are fresh hopes for a safety crossing on the A22/Dittons Road roundabout in Stone Cross.

Resident John Read wrote to Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell expressing concerns about saftey for pedestrians when trying to cross the road there.

Rupert Clubb, Director Communities, Economy & Transport at the county council, has now responded.

He said: “I note Mr Read’s concerns about pedestrian safety crossing the A22/Dittons Road roundabout in Stone Cross and although this is not an identified issue for the Road Safety Team in respect of our identified Local Safety Sites for this year, I can advise that our Strategic Economic Infrastructure team have been investigating this.

They have developed proposals which would either remove the roundabout and introduce traffic signals at the junction, which would include pedestrian and cycle crossing provision, or alternatively an option to increase the capacity of the roundabout with a pedestrian/cycle bridge.

This junction forms part of a £35m package of junction improvements along the A22 corridor around Stone Cross and Hailsham for which we are currently seeking Major Road Network funding from Government to fund their delivery.

We are currently working on our Outline Business Case which we expect to submit to the Department for Transport in Spring next year, however at present I cannot give a definite timescale for delivery as this will be dependent on being able to secure the necessary funding.”