Update from Kim and Jessicca, the Community Champions at Morrison’s Eastbourne

It has been busy few months for us, with the restrictions easing slightly, We have had meetings with the following people: Hansa at Holding Space and they are now one of the 3 Mayor’s charities, which is amazing for all involved and they are hoping to hold a sponsored walk in the not to distant future.

We handed a lot of dog food to the Happy Paws charity, which has helped support them.

We have done a lot of work with Chris at Knockhatch helping them launch their new access for SEN area, supporting them,with events that they are running, and introducing new people in the community to them – for example Compass Community Arts and Defiant Sports.

Due to a meeting with Kirsten at the YMCA, we have launched a reflection in the Willingdon Trees Community Centre and this is where they have planted trees for people to hang wooden doves on with a person or persons on that they have lost through Covid and there will be positive pebbles around the base for the positive things that have happened in the past 2 years.

We are having other reflection areas in the following, Chaseley Trust, West Rise School, Gildredge House and more to be confirmed.

We did a little pick with Defiant and Sovereign harbour Rotary Club around the harbour.

We ead meetings with the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor and have plans in place to support them and their charities with the events that they have planned in the future.

We did fruit and vegetable tastings in Pevensey and Westham School, to show the children the different fruit and veg they can eat and bring into the school as they are supporting healthy eating.

You may be aware that we support the Foodbank and they give me a call once a week with the products that they are low on, and then we make the grab bags that are at the front of the store, for people to buy. They pick the Grab bag up from the cage, put it with their shopping and on the way out they place the bag in the Foodbank Bin underneath the Community Champion noticeboard, which has information of the things that are coming up in the community, also the Little Library is there for people to deposit children’s books so that another child can borrow and read it and bring back when they have finished.

Finally we are collecting Computers for Tubbs Computers in Eastbourne, so if you have any old laptops that you no longer use, please drop them into the Customer Service desk in store by the end of June.

Thank you for all of your support.

Please have a look at our Facebook page Community Champion Eastbourne for more information