HERE is a way we can all help the nurses and doctors at the DGH doing such an amazing job.

Jodie Miller has been speaking with some amazing nurses at Eastbourne and Brightom Hospitals! And they need our help.

She has just posted: “Last lockdown I raised £380 in hand creams for our local hospital and I’m on a mission again.

One nurse I’ve spoken with has said how sore dry cracked hers and her colleagues’ hands are from constantly washing and the anti bac!

Also dry lips from the constant use of masks and no air getting to them!

And they were so grateful for our donations last time!

So I’m asking if anyone would like to donate a hand cream or vitamin e lipcare stick.

Any commissions earnt from these purchases will also purchase more hand creams and lipcare sticks to give to these amazing doctors and nurses.

They are doing an absolutely incredible job right now especially whilst under so much pressure.

Also every hemp hand cream sold we also donate to our amazing charity children on the edge helping children in third world countries.”

Contact Jodie through Facebook, the Willingdon Community News page or we can always pass on a message.