FROM Howard Wardle MBE, Eastbourne Foodbank:

“On Monday, two Conservative MPs (Iain Duncan Smith and Damian Green) are trying to get a vote to ensure that money raised from lifting the triple lock on pensions goes towards reversing the planned cut to Universal Credit.

Why is Monday so important? This could be one of the last chances we have to get the government to stop their plans to cut Universal Credit.

Otherwise, in less than three weeks’ time, 6 million people will see £20 a week taken from their payments.

Over a million people nationally and 10,600 in Eastbourne fear they will be forced to skip meals and switch off their heating this winter if the cut goes ahead. This isn’t right.

This is happening this Monday – we need quick action if we are going to get the government to change course. If you haven’t emailed your MP yet, please, please do it now and make your voice heard. And please share this with your network. Time is running out.