EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell claims: “I am delighted that the government has again shown its enduring commitment to Eastbourne.”

She was referring to the new £20m coming our way from the government.

She said: “I love Eastbourne and I believe we are a community and a town with deep untapped potential. Investment to come will unlock it and I can’t wait to see more as our new projects really get moving. I can’t wait to see some blue skies too!

“The £20 million funding from the Towns Fund will help regenerate and transform our town. 

Over the next ten years, the funding will be used by local leaders, including me as the MP – meaning you have a voice – and councils, on local priorities from high street or seafront regeneration to community safety or transport links.

There will also be more support to allow councils to make use of a suite of regeneration powers to unlock more private sector investment by auctioning empty high street shops – something I have campaigned to happen and would potentially allow empty sites in the town centre like Debenhams to be used for much-needed housing.

Other measures include reforming licensing rules on shops and restaurants.

I am delighted that the government has again shown its enduring commitment to Eastbourne so it can continue to grow and prosper with this latest huge sum of money. 

I have spent several months working behind the scenes with the Chancellor and his Treasury team, plus the Department for Levelling Up, for Eastbourne to be included in any further rounds of the towns fund after we narrowly missed out.

As MP I get a say in how the money is spent so I will be rapidly reaching out to everyone for their input. Investment in the seafront and town centre are very natural first instincts but I am keen to understand how funds could have an impact in neighbourhoods across the town. 

Whatever is decided must also be underpinned with good jobs and training opportunities for local people at every age and stage of their working lives. This is something I was passionate about regarding our first £20m Levelling Up money for a world class visitor destination at Black Robin Farm and I will push for this too with the towns fund. 

This is another very positive day for Eastbourne and I am pleased the Chancellor has listened to me and the need for this investment. It will lead to some transforming projects in the years to come. 

Responding to this brilliant announcement, I have launched an online survey this week asking local people their views on how this money should be spent for maximum effect. Of course, people are also welcome to write in to my constituency office. 

Residents can fill out my survey by following the below link: www.carolineansell.co.uk/news/towns-fund