Mike Munson I Green Party candidate for Eastbourne

When I was little I knew my address ended “England, Great Britain, Europe, The World.” As a candidate, my Eastbourne address still relies heavily on that wider context.

We are one of the richest countries on the planet but we have an Inequality Crisis, nationally. And, in Eastbourne, we have the highest reliance on foodbanks in the South East. Our access to local GPs, NHS dentistry, and EDGH services rely on national policy choices. Our children’s futures are threatened by international conflicts in Ukraine, Palestine and elsewhere, and unless we solve world climate change, it is all pointless.

Massive investment is needed; to save our health, and jump-start the health of our economy, to improve social care, and to put money back in the pockets of local people and local businesses. Nurses should not have to rely on food banks.

Fairer taxes on polluting companies and the richest in society, will fund our recovery from the austerity imposed by Conservatives, Lib Dems, and Labour. Yet Sir Keir, Sir Ed, and Rishi’s parties say we cannot afford to act boldly to cure our social and economic problems. One wonders who they answer to. It should be you.

I offer you real choice. Voting Green will not let the Tories in. The Tories are toast here. Voting Green on 4th July is your way of demanding real action now, to secure a happy future on a safe planet.

I have broad strategic planning and organisational experience, ranging from international retail fashion buying, to running county wide mental health services in the NHS and charity sectors. I was a director of Surrey Supported Employment, managing national and European contracts supporting disadvantaged people into employment.

I understand people. My family moved to Upperton in 2021, I now work part time at Waitrose in Old Town as a supermarket assistant and delivery driver, covering the whole constituency. I campaign for climate and social justice; fighting for better public transport with Eastbourne Climate Coalition, and speaking up for minorities with Stand Up to Racism and Eastbourne’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Some things are certain. Voting Green will not let the Tories win here. There will be a Labour Government which differs very little from the Tories. Make a positive choice. Show Labour you demand real hope, real change. Vote Green.