EASTBOURNE MP Caroline Ansell has vowed: “Tourism is the lifeblood to our town.”

She said: “And that’s why I worked so hard to see our seafront hotels released from asylum accommodation.”

It’s unclear how many hotels locally are still housing asylum seekers.

She said: “Tourism being the lifeblood to Eastbourne is also why I lobby so hard for support for hospitality businesses, why I support Gatwick’s future and petitioned for international student travel.  It’s why on investment, I’m relentless in lifting the name of Eastbourne in Parliament. We are on the map. 

“So, to mark tourism week, it’s a huge thank you to all working in all hotels & B&Bs, pubs & eateries, attractions & transport providers, events teams and so many others. All you do and everything you bring to our town is what makes it. You don’t just provide jobs, you are the backdrop to our family events and community life. You help knit us together and that is priceless.”