27th January marks the anniversary of the Liberation of Auswitz, and is the date we remember the atrocities of the Holocaust annually.

The aim is for schools and other local organisations to study and keep this day each year to ensure that such a tragedy is never repeated.

The programme of events is designed to educate, remember and celebrate with messages from survivors, poetry, music and film contributions. Topics covered include Holocaust perpetrators and deniers, Concentration atrocities and the Urghurs,

There will also be an account of the Liberation, presented by Dorit Oliver Wolff B.E.M.

Steven Rosenburg, one of the organisers, emphasises the importance of the event,

‘’Since the inception of the holocaust against the Jewish Race, sadly there are now many more genocides being committed worldwide. This action must not be allowed to continue. We are grateful to the Eastbourne Borough Council for their continued support of this annual event.’’

Dorit Oliver Wolff, author, public speaker and singer, is always passionate when speaking about human rights,

‘’This kind of atrocity must never again happen! Everyone has the same right to life and living, regardless of their religion or colour. Life and fellow humans are to be treated with equal respect. I feel very honoured and privileged to be able to share this special Holocaust memorial day with the Eastbourne people. I am proud to call Eastbourne my home. Do come and let us remember those millions of innocent people who have been murdered only because of being Jewish..’’

The event will be free of charge, with tickets ordered in advance via the Welcome Building box office and online. Bournfreelive.co.uk will publish booking details when they are confirmed.

There will be a tombola afterwards to raise money for the Mayor’s Charities.

The Worshipful the Mayor, Councillor Pat Rodohan, has chosen to support three charities; Amaze, Holding Space and Community Wise during his Mayoral year.

You can pick up a copy of Dorit’s amazing autobiography, at the event and read about her journey surviving in hiding in Hungary during the war, and her stunning singing career in Germany. ‘From Yellow Star to Pop star’’