THIS year’s International Holocaust Memorial will be held on Saturday 27th January 2024 at the Shackleton Room, Welcome Building, Congress Theatre, Eastbourne from 6pm.

By Gail McKay

This year, the programme is filled with readings, poetry, music, talks and prayer.

Dorit Oliver-Wolff BEM, a holocaust survivor and Eastbourne resident, has co-ordinated the event.

Dorit would like to thank all the members of Eastbourne Borough Council for their generous support for this event so that tickets can remain free of charge to anyone who would like to attend.

She is thrilled to welcome Vicky Bhogal, author of ‘Origin of AntiSemitism’, and Jaya Pathak, Ambassador for Holocaust Education Trust. Elaine Patience will play violin.

Ratton School Choir and Claverham Community College will also be performing.

The purpose of these events, which occur all across the world remain the same.

They serve to remember the millions of victims and keep their memory alive.

To learn from history and learn to recognise the warning signs of discrimination and prejudice that lead to atrocities and to prevent them happening again. Educating the next generation about the holocaust is important, so we always remember what happened. Holocaust Memorial Day promotes tolerance, acceptance, and diversity, and honours the survivors.

The event starts at 6:30pm. Free tickets available at:

or collection from the Welcome Building, Congress Theatre Box Office. Tel: 01323 412000

EVERYONE is welcome.