IT’S been a VERY busy day with thousands of hits on our website and more than 100 comments on social media about Thursday’s elections.

It all makes fascinating reading.

I could react to so much but the story this morning was deliberately balanced 50 50 between the Tories and the LibDems.

Even the headline was neutral.

Some of the politicans squablling could well follow the lead of LibDem Josh Babarinde, who doesn’t lower himself to these squabbles.

He just gets on with trying to make a difference to his community.

Labour’s Margaret Robinson – she who quit the LibDems because they bullied her – has also impressed with her genuine care and passion, whatever the result.

And as for Tory Colin Belsey, he too keeps quiet and, I guess, is focused purely on his campaign.

Everyone behaves differently, that’s inevitable. But may the best candidates win. I’m sure they will!

Pictured: LibDem Helen Burton