TIER 3 would be a disaster for Eastbourne.

Remember, we are currently in Tier 2 and there is hope of a government review of the tiers before Christmas.

There was hope we could get into tier 1.

But the number of cases across East Sussex is on the rise.

And remember at present tiers are reviewed by counties.

So we have to look at the figures across East Sussex.

Listen to this warning from one of Caroline Ansell’s Tory colleagues in East Sussex.

Hastings MP Sally-Ann Hart is worried we may be heading for tier 3.

This is what she has said today: “I am very concerned by the sharp and sustained rise in Covid-19 cases across Hastings and Rother. Having spoken to the local Director of Public Health, there is now a real anxiety that we could see a prolonged period of high infection rates as seen in North Kent. If this is the case, then our area is now teetering towards Tier Three restrictions in the coming weeks.”

This is a real worry…………………