A STAGGERING 71 Pay and display machines along the seafront and in town are about to be taken away by East Sussex County Council.

There are currently 142.

Eastbourne Borough Council and Caroline Ansell have both contacted ESCC along with concerned residents and businesses.

Alas, they have not listened.

Here are The Friends of Eastbourne Seafront: “We have been unable to stop this action which will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on tourism and businesses in Eastbourne.

We are told the number of machines are no longer economically viable to operate.

You will often have to cross a busy road causing greater inconvenience to those visiting and wanting to park their vehicles.

All the machines which are currently covered with a purple wrap will be removed at a cost of £350 per machine.

It is estimated there will be a saving to ESCC of around £340k. Will that saving be reinvested in Eastbourne?

Have they worked out how much will be lost to the local economy when people don’t bother visiting Eastbourne because the parking is so difficult? Why can’t we make it easier and boost the local economy?

If you have children or vulnerable people with you in the car, ESCC somewhat ironically advise parking near a machine, that’s if you can find one.

There’s the option of using Ring Go if you have the app, but many don’t want to. The remaining machines will remain the same, you can still pay by cash or card. The difficulty will be finding one.

You can still ask for specific machines to be saved.”