Millions have watched Momma Cherri’s Creole and Cajun soul food…

So add to the pot one of the great banjoists Nick Pynn, currently playing with Billy Bragg, season with the beautiful voices of dance music star Osaro and country rap originator Eminemmylou listened to by millions before, and throw in a bit of hot vocal spice from Ciara and voila.

And you have Jab Today, Safer Tomorrow – YouTube

Together they have come together to record a song and some personal emotive stories that say let’s be safe as one. To encourage people to have their first COVID vaccine if they haven’t had that yet, and to make sure they have come forward for their second eight weeks later.

More and more people are continuing to come forward for their vaccination, and we can all protect each other by making sure we have this vital protection.

And we have testimonies that move from our community! Do watch and if you can record your own 30 second approx piece, do send it to us and we will add to playlist….let’s be safe as one!

Beats were courtesy of Luke Dixon and the Jab Today song was written and produced by Eminemmylou, Latest Bill and Julian Tardo with a little help from our friends. It was recorded at Church Road Studios and the song video is by Ele Berrie and Angi Mariani and the testimonies gathered and directed by Stephanie Prior and Osaro Ogbeide and filmed at Latest TV.

If you haven’t received your vaccination, then see how you can get your vaccine today – there are booked appointments and walk in sessions happening across our communities:

A spokesperson for the Sussex COVID-19 Vaccination Programme said:

“It has been great to team up to promote the COVID-19 vaccination in this way and encourage everyone who is yet to have theirs to take this simple step to protecting themselves and each other.

“It is fantastic to hear the voices from our communities, and we encourage everyone to take time today to watch these – and then take action.

“You can book your first or second jab (if you are over 18 years of age) online or by calling 119 – or come to one of our walk in sessions taking place today.”

For more information on the vaccination programme – visit