Jane Long Wellbeing is moving to a new premises in Old Town, Eastbourne.

She will be offering her Reflexology, Luxury Facials and healing therapies from a purpose built home studio.

It’s exciting times for “hands only” facials.  According to Harpars Bazaar magazine, hands only facial massage is more sustainable, and gain more long term benefits to the skin alongside immediate aesthetic results.

In recent years there has been a wave of interest towards technology based facials, which to some clients can be an invasive and an over stimulating procedure. 

Over zealous practices can wreak havoc with our natural skin barrier.

Understanding techniques to support lymph drainage, scalp, neck and shoulder massage, facia release can all help to release tension held in the face, leading to a naturally healthy glow along with a feeling to enhance your wellbeing.

This is how Jane Long can support your skin care and wellbeing with Zone Face Lift Therapy.

www.janelongwellbeing.com for more details.