SOME locals are critical of the way that the £20m devoted to Eastbourne by the Chancellor will be managed and indeed then spent.

Jeremy Hunt made the announcement in the recent Budget – and then Caroline Ansell said an independent Town Board will be set up to see how best to spend the money.

But who will sit on the Board?

Here are some comments:

Frances Lawrence

‘We need sensible people on the board with a cross section of experience. Definitely someone with commercial expertise so that money is not wasted. A mixture of ages is needed too so that we cater for all.’

Eleanor Dudley has gone further: “The people on that board will not be representing the people of Eastbourne, they will have their own agenda, they are not elected and only the MP is selecting who is making decisions these people will be overriding our elected councillors, so what is the point of voting if our votes count for nothing.

I think you have opened a can of worms, this is undemocratic.

It spell the end of the Conservatives in Eastbourne.”

Jane Cooper said: “EBC needs to be nothing to do with it and the money should not be gobbled up in useless and expensive ‘consultations’.”