LIBDEM Josh Babarinde has criticised DGH bosses and their plans to change paediatric services at the DGH.

On Wednesday evening, he organised a public meeting at The Cavendish Hotel.

He said: “DGH bosses are planning changes to paediatrics at our hospital, which local clinicians fear could result in more Eastbourne children having to instead go to Hastings for care.

Despite mine and others’ calls for a halt to these plans and a full public consultation, I’m disappointed that DGH bosses declined not to embark on the consultation.

I believe that our town should have a say in the future of our paediatrics and midwifery units, so – with 72 hours notice – I convened a public meeting to ensure local people had a voice.

A packed meeting, it was one of the most moving gatherings I can remember.

Attendees were concerned that the changes could compromise the quality of – and access to – care, based on experiences they’ve already had of some services moving to Hastings.

I’ve captured all of these stories and I will be presenting them to the Health Secretary to help make the case for her to intervene and call-in these changes to our hospital, further to a letter I’ve already written to her this week.

If you’ve got a story you’d like me to present to the Health Secretary and DGH bosses too, please DM me and I will read it with care and pass it on to the powers that be.

As a local lad who was born in the DGH and received paediatric care there as a kid, this could not mean more to me.”