Eastbourne and Willingdon MP Caroline Ansell received her Covid vaccination yesterday and praised staff and volunteers for all they are doing to protect the population.

Caroline was given the AstraZeneca jab as part of her age cohort at the Welcome Building vaccination centre.

She was one of 726 local people who were immunised there this Friday.

“I am not a fan of needles but I couldn’t have been in better hands from the moment I went through the door. Friendly staff and volunteers lined the route all the way through to Mark with the needle and I was done! The process was seamless, swift and reassuring at every turn.  I can’t praise the entire team enough.”

“I was so pleased to have the opportunity to thank those on the vaccine frontline today and it was also an excellent opportunity to speak to leaders about future challenges and reaching younger groups.

“There is also a search ahead for a new site because the council will be looking to take back The Welcome Building to re-open its hospitality and visitor facilities. 

“There were a number of important points for me to take forward to make sure we continue to make great vaccine strides in Eastbourne and Sussex and this I will do with local leaders and the ministers in the coming days.”