The family of a kebab shop owner has issued a warning after the business was scammed FOUR times.

Ceren Onal spoke out after his father, who owns Kemer Kebab in Market Street, Hailsham was duped.

The family want to make other business owners aware.

Ceren said: “Within the last few months, there have been plenty of card scams.

“My dad has unfortunately lost £170 worth of food and drink (within 4 weeks) due to one customer in particular paying for their order by card, to then dispute it through the bank, hoping to get their money back, and essentially have gotten away with getting free food.

“We have never had an issue like this. We have had three merchant disputes due to that one individual who I will not name.

“They know who they are and I have reported them to the police.

“Thankfully we have their contact details which have been given to the police, so fingers crossed all will be resolved.

“Unfortunately, there are people out there that will scam innocent individuals, to which they lose out on money.

“During the situation we are all in, I understand that everyone needs money to keep shelter, to provide food for their families, and to keep businesses running.

“But how are businesses going to remain open if there are scammers like that?

“One piece of advice I will give to other businesses is to take the registered postcode and house number for any card payments processed.

“Most businesses have been strictly advised to take card payments, due to the pandemic.

“As a business owner, it has angered my Father, because as explained, you can get easily scammed, and he is now a victim of this.

“I do not want others to face this.”