Shawn Knight died from kidney cancer June 9 2017, and to help to those facing the same journey through grief, Kerry felt her poems would offer a a lighthouse up ahead for others in their storm.

Throughout the 14 months of his illness and passing, Kerry shared her thoughts and feeling in poetry.

She said, “After much procrastinating and battling my self-doubt over my ability to achieve this, I’ve pushed through and self-published my poems on Amazon.”

“I found many blogs from the perspective of the person with the illness but not much from the partner. So with Shawn’s permission I felt the need to write and share with others in the same situation.’’

‘’ As the five-year anniversary approached I decided to make that my goal to reframe the day into something more uplifting in his honour and create a huge sunshine moment. I’d always said if I did publish I would donate some of the profits to the St Wilfrids hospice.”

Kerry’s daughter Kiah Ludbrook, provided the illustrations for the book, and was featured this month by The Beacon’s ‘Creatives by the Coast’ series.

Kerry said, “Shortly after Shawn died I asked my daughter to create me a painting to represent Sunshine Moments as they had been instrumental in getting me through some dark days and still do. She painted the picture and it’s in my home as a beautiful reminder of Shawn and how the dark days may come but the sun is always shining’’

‘’Sunshine Moments, a collection of poems about discovering along the way a new journey that was all about the true gift of love and how opening up to self love could possibly one day lead to finding me…’’ ‘’Love is who we are and it is the most powerful energy we have. It all starts from within and when you start to learn this, you are then open to all it brings which is joy, freedom and inner peace. It is with Love that I wanted to share my poems, and this book is a dedication to my darling Shawn of the journey we started together and I now continue alone. It’s my wish that the poems in this book help you see the light, even on the darkest of your days.’’

Sunshine Moments is available on Amazon and £1 goes to St Wilfrids for every sale.