The government has announced its Dental Recovery Plan with more funding to ensure there are more NHS dentists in our communities.

Here in Eastbourne, it is a challenge to find an NHS dentist taking on new patients, our MP Caroline Ansell admits, and she says she regularly helps constituents with finding treatment.

Dentists will be given £20,000 to work in communities that lack enough NHS dental services. This should increase dental appointments across England by 2.5 million in the next year.

In addition, dentists will be paid more for their work and ‘dental vans’ sent out to rural and coastal areas.

Ministers also launched a consultation on a potential water fluoridation programme to help prevent tooth decay.

Here is our MP: “I have written to all dental practices in Eastbourne and Willingdon asking them about the plan and what it will mean to them and their patients.

There is a wealth of measures in this announcement, and this should positively impact us here in Eastbourne.

I do take every opportunity to raise concerns and issues affecting my constituents. Ultimately, as an Conservative MP I do have the ear of Ministers and this does translate into action. 

A thank you too, for our wonderful dentists across the town who have really had to face a number of challenges owing to the pandemic and then post pandemic recovery.”