LAST night there was a fire at a ‘nursery’ in Timberley Road, Eastbourne.

Now a fundraiser has been set up:

“My dear friend and educator to many experienced the most awful house fire. The fire took ablaze at 5.17pm and took an hour and half to control.

Sadly, it has ripped through both floors and Kim and Chay have lost everything, not just their home, but Kim’s livelihood.

She is one of the most established and fantasic childminders in our town and provides tremedous support in so many ways, not just love and care but in education.

Now, she is having to close for the foreseeable and rebuild a whole life. I am deeply saddened for her and her family and also my child and other parents whose children attend kims childminding services.

The thought of our children having to suffer this awful loss and change is one thing but that doesnt compare to the suffering of our kim, chay and stacey and the efforts they have put in daily to enrich all our lives. I hope by sharing this we can start to ease that suffering and offer a means of support finanically to help them to move forward, in whicever way that may be right now.”

That’s from Jessica Goldsmith.

Go to Crowdfunding to help rebuild the livelihoods of those affected by a tragic house fire on JustGiving