AN Eastbourne LibDem has defended herself after online comments criticised her for having received the Covid jab before some over 80s.

Councillor Helen Burton posted a video online on Thursday praising NHS staff after she received the vaccination.

This led to more than 600 comments on a Facebook post about Councillor Burton.

She was under fire with questions being asked why she has, in fact, received the jab so early.

Councillor Burton said: “Volunteers throughout the town are receiving the vaccination if they serve food to the vulnerable, and I am one of those.

“Many people from different charities have stopped volunteering because of COVID-19 as they want to protect themselves, and vital services like Foodbank, Warming up the Homeless and Langney Larder have all been affected.

“We must keep these services going during the crisis which is why volunteers such as myself are eligible.

“The real issue here is the online attacks I underwent because I was eligible for the vaccination.

“It was shocking how many anti-vaxers jumped in and made very personal attacks against me.

I stand firm in my view though that anyone offered the vaccine should take it, it’s the only way out of this horrible situation.”

Here are two of the comments posted about Councillor Burton.

Bill Donoghue posted: “I assume Helen Burton is an opposition councillor probably LibNonDems playing party political games like Starmer and Co. Disgraceful behaviour.”

Mark Skinner posted: “Well, that’s one less vaccination that could have been given to an elderly person.”

Councillor Burton has hit back, saying: “Mark Skinner, are you angry with all health and social care workers? What about people with health conditions you may not be aware of, angry with them too?”

Mr Skinner replied, saying he was on the frontline during the pandemic, adding: “I don’t need to go around telling people, I just get on with it.”