THE LibDem candidate standing in Hampden Park at Thursday’s elections has blamed Boris for cuts to Hampden Park Tennis Club.

The LibDems, who control Eastbourne Borough Council, have sadly stopped free tennis for all at the popular club.

They are making some people pay.

The LibDems have been condemned by many but Josh Babarinde says blame the government.

He said: “We must not allow the Government to succeed in making us fight between us for the tiny scraps of funding they’ve left our community with.

We’ve instead got to come together to strong-arm the Government into giving our community the investment we need and deserve. Born and bred in Hampden Park, that’s what I stand for as a candidate.  

Until the Government reinstates the grant it has withdrawn from our council, this tennis court arrangement ensures their sustainability at the same time as offering free access and free coaching week-in, week-out.”