LibDem rival Josh Babarinde has slammed Tory MP Caroline Ansell.

Here is his view:

“What on earth have Caroline Ansell and this government got against pensioners?

Last week, our MP voted against her manifesto pledge to retain the pension triple lock (brought in by the Lib Dems).

This week, Mrs Ansell has voted for the least well-off pensioners to bear the greatest burden of social care costs. Her manifesto pledge that no-one will have to sell their homes is broken. A number of Conservative MPs refused to back this – but not ours.

This is yet another example of our MP putting her party before the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon.

Our town deserves so much better. We need a long-term, cross-party plan to fund social care FAIRLY. That’s what I stand for – not a broken plan that rests on Mrs Ansell’s broken promises.

I urge the House of Lords to reject this unfair plan and to force our MP and the government to rethink. There is still an opportunity to get this right. I’m fighting for a fairer deal for Eastbourne and Willingdon’s pensioners.”