IT is still unclear what action will be taken by the LibDems against Eastbourne councillor Helen Burton.

National leader Ed Davey has called her comments ‘ unhelpful, offensive and wrong.’

Her Facebook post – which has caused offence – said: “Tories now want to electronically tag migrants. Anyone else reminded of the (yellow star emoji) the Jewish Community was forced to wear by the Nazis?”

Well, on Friday we gave Josh Babarinde, the LibDem election candidate, the chance to defend his colleague.

He said nothing.

We then asked our council leader David Tutt to defend Helen.

He said nothing.

Well, this is what Eastbourne Tory leader Robert Smart said: “Councillor Burton’s comment brings this council into disrepute and it was wrong of councillor Tutt to simply stand by.  

“Clearly there is a need for awareness training here and an acknowledgement by the council that this conduct is harmful and totally unacceptable.”

Helen Burton said: “

I’d like to apologise for any offence caused by the message I shared about the Conservative policy of tagging refugees.  That was never my intention.

“Nothing compares to the full horror of the Holocaust.

“I was simply drawing attention to a government policy that I and many others believe to be wrong and made an historical reference to how the Jewish community was demonised in Nazi Germany.

“I became a councillor to have a stronger voice in standing up for the rights of all members of our community, particularly those less able to defend themselves.

“I was elected to use that voice and I take that power given to me by our community very seriously.”