THE county council elections are tomorrow.

Here are the East Sussex Tories: “We have a record for financial prudence, delivering highly rated services & getting value for money.

We’re the only party offering a vision & a plan for our County. Local Opposition parties offer no vision or plan, have a reputation for excessive borrowing, poor service delivery & higher taxes.

Keep East Sussex County Council in safe hands. Please vote Conservative on Thursday 6th May.”

Meanwhile, LibDem Helen Burton thinks she has a chance against Tory heavyweight Colin Belsey in Ratton.

She posted: “How do you think the current Conservative run county council has done regarding the state of our roads and pavements?

They’ve shut libraries, children’s centres, care homes and recently the Station GP walk in centre – during a global pandemic, putting even more strain on the oversubscribed local GP practices.

It’s time for change, so vote for it on Thursday! It’s going to be close between myself and the Conservative candidate in Ratton.”