A bleed control cabinet has been installed in Hailsham’s Vicarage Field Shopping Precinct to increase community safety.

Bleed control cabinets have equipment inside them which are specifically designed to handle life threatening bleeding and can help save someone’s live should a traumatic injury happen.

Located next to Maybugs, in Vicarage Field, the cabinet contains a chest seal which can be placed over a wound that stops air going in but allows air to come out, a 60 second clotting gauze and a rapid stop tourniquet.

When 999 is called, the user will ask for Sussex Police and a code to access the cabinet will be given. The user will be given instructions of how to use its contents.

Project Youth is behind the bleed kit scheme and Accurate Roofing, a local company, has funded the bleed control cabinet for Hailsham.

The community interest company (CIC) is an early intervention project based in East Sussex, dedicated to empowering young people from the ages of 10-18, helping to build relationships between young people and adults within their home and local community.

Carl Scott, founder of Project Youth, said, “I travel around the county to deliver workshops and visiting communities educating them about my personal experiences and giving a better understanding on what life really is like when someone makes that decision to be part of the streets or get exploited/groomed into a life of the unknown.”

Councillor Kelvin Williams, Alliance for Wealden (Liberal Democrat), and lead councillor for Public Health, Wellbeing and Asset Management, said, “I hope that these bleed kits are never needed, but should the need arise, these kits are accessible and could be vital to saving a person’s life.”

The bleed cabinet in Vicarage Field is in loving memory of a local resident.