BEN Ferriman is 33, he lives in Eastbourne and is the father of two young children.

He’s also the CEO of Lightning Fibre and is on an ambitious mission to make a long-lasting difference in the town.

In 2018, he launched Lightning Fibre, a cutting edge, community-minded full fibre broadband network operator and ISP.

Two years on – Lightning Fibre is serving their growing base of happy customers with 10,000Mbps broadband network and is fully funded with millions of pounds of investment to finish their Eastbourne build and have now begun expanding to Hailsham, Heathfield and Hastings.

Here’s Ben: “In my working life, I have always been lucky to be at the forefront of connectivity in the UK.

“When we moved to Eastbourne, the ancient infrastructure meant that my connectivity failed, it was an absolute nightmare.

“I could see the solution so I felt let’s crack on and make a difference. And that is what we are doing.

“I feel that Eastbourne is very much an unsung town. We are not Heaven’s waiting room; Eastbourne is a vibrant town and I wanted to create quality employment prospects and opportunities for not just my children but for the rest of Eastbourne. Our locally-run network and ISP also acts as an enabler for other Eastbourne businesses to grow and, of course, allows our town to attract digital businesses to the town who may otherwise not have considered Eastbourne. Market-leading connectivity, paired with competitive local commercial rents, makes a compelling case to relocate or set up a business here.

“I could see there was a massive opportunity to fix and improve what we have got. I want to be part of a long-lasting legacy.”

Ben is determined that Lightning Fibre ‘will make a difference to Eastbourne and indeed to the whole of East Sussex.’

He said: “We started with a pilot scheme in 2019 in Upperton and since then are funded to build out to the whole of Eastbourne.

“I am very clear that we provide the best level of service to all our customers. Our installation and customer care teams are all locally-based.

“There is a lot of work to be done but I am absolutely delighted that hundreds of new customers are registering with us every week.

“Our customers are over the moon with our customer service and the step change in broadband performance they experience. The speeds advertised are what you get.

“We engage positively with both the borough and county councils, and our working partners as well.

“We offer market beating prices that ensure connectivity no longer needs to be a barrier, as has been the case in Eastbourne for so many years.

“We are offering a high-quality, symmetric network today for the next 25 years and beyond.

With better upload and download speeds and greater reliability guaranteed, the network can deliver 10Gbps speeds for all and is fully future proofed.

“We are the local market leader in what we offer.”

Lightning Fibre is a local altnet broadband provider.

The business is a network operator and ISP, meaning that it builds the full fibre network and sells it directly to business and residential consumers.

The roll out is well underway and the Planning Team prioritises areas of high demand. Registering online might mean the network reaches your area sooner.

Residential packages start from just £29 per month for 100Mbps on a 24-month contract term (plus £100 one-off for the setup), which comes with a 10Gbps capable “modem” and Mesh WiFi system.

Contact the team by phone – 01323 380260 – by email at or register online at