A LADY who travelled from Seaford to have her Covid jab at Hampden Park Health Centre has posted about her experience.

And it would appear she wasn’t over impressed.

She said: “Today I had my first Covid Jab, at Hampden Park Health Centre.

“I have a car and I drive but I really needed my satnav.

“There was a long queue outside the health centre, kept under control by a good-humoured marshall with a very loud voice.

He checked names off a list and only allowed people in according to the time of their appointments.

I could see that a good half of the people in the queue when I was there were early arrivals. Why? I am not sure.

Inside the building we were checked in again by nurses and asked to stand on socially-distanced markers on the floor until one of the injection team was free.

It was all very cramped and it was obvious that the staff had done the best they could in outmoded and difficult premises.”