HOW can we improve Eastbourne?

That’s been the huge Bournefree debate online this week.

Here’s resident Rob Kelly:

“Create a “rambla” from the station to the seafront.

One long pedestrian-only space (obviously done for Langney Road to cut across but the whole of Terminus Road and Victoria Place should be pedestrians only.

Let restaurants expand onto the street and encourage pop up coffee shops and other small businesses to open too.

Make it a nice stroll from the station to the sea rather than having to dodge busses and drop kerbs. And even if it doesn’t work, we’ll get a short term visitor boost as Eastbourne seeks to emulate Barcelona!

Totally overhaul the bus routes and services. I type this from Geneva Airport where I’ve been able to get across a busy city in about 15 minutes. I literally can’t imagine catching a bus in Eastbourne. They just wind around, if they even turn up. Maybe passenger numbers aren’t that high so buses every 5-10 minute might be tricky but it’s chicken and egg – a better service would attract more riders.”