We’re really lucky here in Eastbourne to have access to really great touring shows. Mamma Mia is no exception.

It’s such a joyful production, perfect for a rainy evening in March specially at the stylishly updated Congress Theatre.

Mamma Mia is food for the soul and it lives up to the hype as the world’s sunniest musical. The lighting designers can take credit for a convincingly sunny atmosphere.

It’s a light hearted romp across the Greek islands, a love story told through the upbeat tunes of Abba.

The whole cast were brilliant, full of fun and energy, they seemed to genuinely enjoy the performance.

There were so many laughs, but a personal highlight was the introduction to the song, ‘Cihquitita,’ Comedy gold. Both of the actors play Donna’s friends Tanya and Rosie, were marvellous.

Another high spot was the break dancing scene to ‘Does Your Mother Know’’ which brought the house down. The show ended with a huge sing along for the encore. The cast were great at finishing the whole evening off on such a high, everyone was up on their feet.

The dance routines were wonderful, especially the boys’ stag scene with snorkels and flippers. There were a few little tears and lots of laughs. Mamma Mia is an uplifting, feel good, love fest of singing and dancing.

You don’t have to be an Abba fan, but it helps.

Gail McKay