A man attacked a cyclist at 10.15pm last night behind the Haven School in Eastbourne.

The cyclist’s mum has posted this warning online today: “Just a warning for people to be safe and vigilant. Last night at about 10.15pm my eldest son was coming home from work. He always takes the small lane behind the Haven School to cut through.

He was riding his bike when a man coming up the other way stopped dead in front if him. My son tried to move around the man but he proceeded to attack my son and try to steal his bike.

My son managed to pull the bike from this man’s grip and uturn back up the lane the other way. The man proceeded to chase my son up Wade Close and towards the water tower.

Please everyone keep safe.. My son isn’t a small lad but even he was in absolute shock and was inconsolable when he got home. It is being reported to the police.”