A HORRIFIED parent has issued a warning after a man chased a schoolboy in Eastbourne yesterday.

It happened in Langney.

Here is Georgina Barnard: “I have had to report to the police this evening that Tommy has been followed and chased by a stranger. A man in his 60s, tall, slim, dressed in black, black rain coat, grey hair with a walking stick…

Tommy was walking along Langney Rise at 4pm from school. The man came from Marsden Rd. Tommy heard his walking stick on the ground, he turned round and the man stared at him. Tommy walked a bit faster, so did this man. Tommy started running, so did this man!

Luckily Tommy ran so fast, he lost him!

There was a man with the same description outside his school this morning. St Catherine’s. This was also reported to the police.

Please please please all parents be aware of your children walking alone.”