A man in a white van tried to steal a cat in Sovereign Harbour yesterday.

Here is resident Kirsty Guy:

“Cat owners in South Harbour please be aware! I think someone tried to take my cat this morning – from a car park on Santa Cruz Drive close to Barbuda Quay.

I heard what I thought was a cat fight so looked outside and called my cat from my first floor doors. He came running towards me but hesitated on the way and hid under a car port. I couldn’t see another cat.

There was a white van parked up with loud music playing and the drivers door open – and a man speaking on the phone walking around beside the vehicle.

Initially I thought he was a delivery driver but he followed my cat and tried to take photos of him, so I don’t think it was a cat fight I heard, but him trying to grab my cat!

As soon as my cat managed to get to a safe place the man drove off. I went into the garden & called my cat again and he ran to me and couldn’t wait to get inside. Since then he’s hidden away terrified. I’m worried the man will come back so I’m keeping him in!! Please please be careful when letting your cats out – this was in broad daylight!”