AN Eastbourne housing group says the end of lockdown will mean more peo;ple becoming homeless.

Brighton Housing Trust runs services in Eastbourne for many people at risk of losing their home.

It has now issued a stark warning about the situation.

It says: “Covid-19 has had a significant impact for many people in respect of their housing.

“Although the Government has introduced some additional protections for tenants, many people are at significant risk of homelessness.

“Landlords have been able to issue notices to end tenancies throughout the pandemic although the courts were not considering any possession applications until the 23 August.

“However, courts are now starting to consider applications.

“The notice periods tenants are entitled to have recently been changed again, but BHT is starting to see an increasing number of tenants who have been give notices, either because they have got into rent arrears or because the landlord is wanting to market the property.

“Housing Advice from BHT Eastbourne Advice is still available by phone and email.

“BHT has a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide free housing advice to qualifying people.

“If people don’t qualify under the Legal Aid Agency criteria, BHT is usually still able to advise them.”

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