CAN a change in diet result in a change in life?

Yes, it can…

By Kevin Stemp, Co-Founder of Clinic 33

According to clinical psychologists, we constantly exist in one of two possible states of mind; resourceful or unresourceful. In the former, we feel like we can achieve anything. But in the latter, it

is the opposite. And while external factors such as definite ability or lack of knowledge with regards a particular task can influence these states, whether or not you spend an entire day (or even your life) in a resourceful or unresourceful state, can actually be influenced by what is on your mind and in your body.

There are 5 key aspects which

influence our state of mind:

• Nutrition.

• Physical condition.

• Personal relationships.

• Workload and environment.

• Finances.

I think, therefore I am… It is your present mental state that controls how you perceive and then process any situation. And this transpires into how you experience everything you do in life.

The domino effect: the impact

of nutrition on your life

When you eat rubbish food, after a while, you feel rubbish. In turn, your motivation and willingness to exercise starts to lower. As a result, your body will start to release less endorphins, and won’t be able to raise Dopamine or Serotonin levels.

This state then affects the stress regulation hormone, Cortisol, altogether meaning you will lack motivation and the ability to handle things effectively. When you feel like this, it starts to radiate to others around you and your relationships will suffer. When this is constant, you will start

to drive positive forces away from you, attracting ones which mirror your current state, affecting the overall makeup of who and what is in your life. If you’re at this point then its likely your work will also be uninspiring, which leads onto to the last point,your financial health.

Who knew that comfort food was actually causing so much discomfort?

Getting resourceful

Cut out the junk food. Plan your day’s food, take control of your nutrition,and do not use food as a response to various emotions.

Exercise. Make the time, energy makes energy.

Wake up 30 mins earlier each day and go for a walk or if you can, do some cardio based exercise. You’ll feel better and less stressed throughout the day.

Anxiety is a platform for weight gain, use exercise to help you, to work for you, for your mind and for your body.

If you take control of yournutritional and physical health then not only will you feel the

progress, but you will see it and others will see it too, your energy will be different and people will be different with you; you will achieve more.

You can literally put this to the test and watch the outcome. It starts with taking control and not letting your life or the story you tell yourself control you. Walk into a coffee shop with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step and you will be greeted with a smile back.

If you control your state then you control your story and the outcome, people who focus on

being happy as the goal, rarely are. Happiness is an emotional response to the outcome, control your state and live your best life!

My story

Exercise has saved me time and time again, when I’ve been at my lowest, the

most stressed and most heartbroken, exercise has always been there. When I lost my son who was 1 month old back in 2019, it was exercise and positive relationships that saved me.

Do not underestimate the importance of exercise on your physical and mental health, it cannot be replaced by any pill or purchase. I’ve worked with clients who in the

space of 6–9 months have gone from, a life of self-loathing and pessimism with negative relationships

to, exercising, losing weight, dropping the anti-depressants, changing career and gaining positive relationships.

No one said it will be easy, but it will, be worth it!


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