Meads villagers are to to stage a ‘peaceful protest’ against the Co-op and Post Office closure.

It will take place on Wednesday.

Here is the Meads Community Association: “The response to this news has been extraordinary. It is clear that the community feels very strongl.

When we were told by the Co-op’s press office that a new retailer was taking over the building, we were hopeful that there would be a smooth transition.

However, if some of the comments coming into our Facebook page have any substance, there is renewed cause for concern.

Losing the Co-op is bad enough but losing the Post Office would be a devasting blow for Meads as it plays such a vitally important role in community life.

The MCA is determined to do everything it can to find out what is happening to the building, which retailer will be taking it over, and whether the Post Office is staying. This is a grave situation which we are taking extremely seriously.”

The MCA will organise a crowd to stand outside the Co-op at 11.00 am on Wednesday 29 September for a peaceful protest.

“So, we have the chance to stand together and make our feelings known.

If you want to bring placards conveying messages such as SAVE OUR POST OFFICE or WHO IS TAKING OVER? that would be great.

“We need to let people know that the Meads community is making a stand on this. See you there!”