A MEDICAL bag full with equipment owned by the infamous Dr John Bodkin Adams goes under the hammer this week.

Bodkin Adams was the famous Eastbourne GP, convicted fraudster and suspected serial killer.

Between 1946 and 1956, 163 of his patients died while in comas, and 132 out of 310 patients had left him money, or items, in their wills.

He was tried and acquitted of the murder of one patient back in 1957.

Eastbourne Auctions is staging a live online auction on Tuesday and Wednesday – and three of their 2000 lots are linked to Bodkin Adams.

Up for auction is his medical bag complete with a machine for administering gas, instruments and a black face mask that he would have worn  with instruments he used, including a Victorian brown leather case) .

There is also a pair of vintage driving gloves he would have used to drive one of his several Rolls Royce motor cars left to him in bequests belonging to the GP,.

Jeannette May from Eastbourne Auctions said: “We are very excited to have the opportunity to sell secured these another three lots from his estate for this week’s auction as back in 2009 there was massive interest after a trunk full of Bodkins personal belongings brought into our showroom sold to enthusiasts around the world, and we expect there to be massive interest.

“The Bodkin Adams story was – and indeed remains – very well known.

“We had a person walk into our showroom with the items from Bodkin Adams’ estate going back all those years.”

The Three Day Auction is Wednesday 13th Thursday 14th & Friday 15th

Each day starting from 10am