A SUCCESSFUL businessman has turned his hand to selling fruit and vegetables during the Lockdown.
And it’s proving to be a massive hit!
Andrew Christoforou, 53, has owned Sapphire Lights on Seaside since 2004.
Lockdown meant it was classed as a non-essential shop so he had to close.
Now he has opened up again selling fruit and veg, and the public absolutely love it.
Andrew said: “I couldn’t be happier with our new venture; it is going really well.
“I think the pandemic has affected everyone and it has made us all think what is possible and what can we do to keep our businesses going.
“We now pride ourselves on selling the very best and the very freshest. It ranges from mange tout and tomatoes to courgettes, beetroot and celery.
“We enjoy high footfall where we are – in between Tesco Express and the Co-Op on Seaside – and everything is outside so our customers can see what we are selling.
“The response from our customers has been lovely. We started off selling olive oil and eggs but then we realised that it could really take off.
“A new Butchers has also opened in this parade of shops, which is great news and compliments what we are doing too.
“It has taken off and I am confident that it will continue. Hopefully some restrictions will be lifted soon.”
It’s not been an easy time for Andrew and his family, who all had Covid but are now recovered. Andrew’s kicked in on Boxing Day but now he is fighting fit and raring to go with the business.
He launched Sapphire Lights back in 2004 after he was made redundant.
Initially he used a van to sell light bulbs to shops and then won contracts for companies such as Eastbourne College and Brewers.
His first shop was at 263 Seaside but now he’s over the road at 340 Seaside.
He said: “I invite people to come and have a look and try us out. Our fruit and veg is, I am proud to say, very, very fresh and there is a wide variety of what we sell.
“It has been nice to react to the latest Lockdown in such a positive way, and I’m really looking forward to the coming months.”