Here at Chaseley we have 55 residents at any one time and all of them have wonderful stories to tell about their lives. We all love being able to share their memories and spend time with them as they not only look back on their achievements prior to their disabilities, but also their ones achieved whilst at Chaseley, as well as those they still wish to reach. Today we wanted to introduce you to a few of them.

Stevie, a former championship-winning farrier, has had locked-in syndrome since suffering a stroke in 2014, he is totally paralysed and can only move his left eyelid. He recently published his first book about his life by blinking all 33,000 words, letter by letter, across a three year period.

Lian, who worked in a hospital out-patient unit, collapsed back in 2005 with what she describes as an awful headache. She was found to have four brain aneurysms, three of which were successfully treated, but the fourth one burst, causing her to be unable to walk. Lian loves to paint in our art room and has sold several pieces throughout her time here.

Comarie shares her room with her budgies and really enjoys participating in the daily activities here at Chaseley, in particular flower arranging. Comarie’s floral displays are often placed around the home for others to enjoy. Comaire also really enjoys it when entertainers would visit the home (prior to covid-19) and her favourite was always Elvis!

Simon, joined our Chaseley family during lockdown following a stroke. He has a degree in Chemistry and lived in Paris for 10 years. Whilst in France, Simon was able to pursue his love of music and became a popular local DJ by the name of DJ Radical. You can often find Simon playing the keyboard and filling the home with his tunes.

Chaseley is home to an array of unique individuals and all the team feel privileged to support them and help them to achieve their goals.

The main source of Chaseley’s funding comes from residents’ fees, which cover the cost of their care package and contributes to the daily running costs of the home. Various commissioning bodies fund the majority of resident care packages and they have just 5% surplus to fund all their additional costs, including the upkeep of their beautiful building, upgrading their equipment, and to provide the extra social and recreational activities and services that enhance the comfort and well-being of their residents, which is why they rely on donations and fundraising.

Chaseley is an independent charity-owned care home located in a stunning location on Eastbourne’s seafront. It is a 55-bed home that specialises in long-term nursing and respite care for people with complex disabilities, such as Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, spinal

cord injury and degenerative neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone and Parkinson’s disease.

Their multi-disciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy and recreational activities, ensuring their person-centred approach is focused on individuals regaining as much independence as possible, so that their psychological well-being and emotional balance are maintained. In addition to this their facilities included an on-site, fully accessible gym specifically designed for people who are disabled and living in the community.

If you feel that you could support Chaseley by making them your Charity of the Year or potentially host an event on their behalf, please contact Jodie on 01323 744200 or

For further information on the charity contact: Jodie Cornford, Fundraising & Marketing Manager Tel: 01323 744200