How much can you realistically do in lockdown?

Well, in the case of Eastbourne local Louie Wellfare, set up a football team supporting men with mental health issues.

One Facebook post back in March and it ‘absolutely took off.’

Here’s Louie: “I had been thinking about doing this for a number of years and the lockdown really sparked me into action.

“Mental health has always been massively important to me.

“I have experienced poor mental health in the past but very often generally men do not address it. I think mental health is often very hard to self-diagnose because you put it down to your personal circumstances opposed to a chemical reaction, which Is essentially what it is

“There is still a stigma in society that men have to be okay and shouldn’t be talking about their feelings

“Football and health – both mental and physical – work amazingly well.”

And so Men United East Sussex was formed. It’s based in Eastbourne, there are 30 players and a waiting list of 10, but Louie wants to hear from others who may want to be involved.

The team will be entering a local league for next season and stage midweek charity games.

Louie said: “It’s all about being together in a group, talking to each other and sharing ideas.

“Some who have joined say: ‘This is exactly what I’ve been looking for’ or ‘I haven’t felt confident enough in the past to join a team.’

“We support each other and help each other. Sportsmanship is key for us. It will not be the end of the world if one of us misses an open goal.

“There is no age or ability limit, our subs will always play as well, and our off-field attitude will be positive at all times.

“People will meet new people as well, so key. Someone may have just moved to the area and not know anyone. Suddenly they have access to a large group of people and with a support network.”

Louie also wants to hear from volunteers who may wish to help but in a non-playing capacity.

For more details, email

Or check their Facebook Men United FC East Sussex.