During the early evening of 23rd May, a silver Mercedes KS54UJN entered private property in the Jevington area, accessing through an entrance one wouldn’t know was there.

The male driver was accompanied by a child of about 6 or 7 years.

The driver was challenged and gave the reason he was on private property merely that he was ‘out for a drive’.

Four days later the same Mercedes was again seen on the same private property, this time containing two men and the child whereon it immediately left on seeing the property owners’ car moving towards it.

This last sighting of the Mercedes was followed several minutes later by a grey van, possibly a Renault, entering the property, u turning and then leaving.

Details of the grey van were not recorded however the driver of the Mercedes is described as a portly balding man who was believed to be Eastern European.

No offences are disclosed and the Mercedes has not been seen in the areas since – Despite the fact this is a fortnight old it is recorded as a ‘vehicle of interest’.Silver Mercedes KS54UJN