THE Eastbourne Midwifery Unit will re-open from Monday 8 February.

These changes are because the pressure on the South East Coast Ambulance Service has improved and they are again able to offer support with emergency transfer to hospital, if needed.

A DGH spokesperson said: “If you had a home birth scheduled with us, or would like to have a home birth, please speak to your midwife about the options available to you.

“Eastbourne Midwifery Unit (EMU) is re-opening for births from 8am on Monday 8th February 2021, this short delay is to allow for the reallocation of staff who have been working in different areas while EMU has been closed for births.

“Antenatal and postnatal appointments continue to run from EMU during the day.

“If you had a birth planned at EMU and your baby is due now, you could plan for a home birth instead just in case you go into labour before the 8th February.  Please discuss the options available to you with your community midwife.

“Thank you for your support during this very difficult time.”