To celebrate the granting of their planning permission, Moira House Ltd have promised to donate £1,000 per dwelling – £50,000 in all – to the Eastbourne Jubilee Green Canopy appeal.

James Taylor, CEO of AndCompany and a director of Moira House Ltd, said “I was born and brought up in Eastbourne. I love the town and the South Downs that surround it.

The Eastbourne Jubilee Green Canopy appeal is a tremendous cause that will make the South Downs more accessible and beautiful.

The whole initiative resonates with our plans for Moira House which celebrates heritage and positive conservation. As a business and particularly as a developer we enjoy working with the environment rather than (as developers used to do) despite it. It enriches our lives, and that of those who will come to live at Moira House and those who live nearby. I think that it’s a good part of the reason why Eastbourne has chosen to trust us with such a crucial piece of its renaissance.”

Ralph Lucas, Chair of Eastbourne Jubilee Green Canopy, said “What a wonderful gift. In a single step we have reached our first milestone. We will use James’s great generosity to plant trees and shrubs all along the route of the avenue, from Butts Brow to the sea.

“Moira House has enabled us to provide a long-lasting legacy of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, one which the communities and schools that we are working with will be able to build on for decades to come.

“As we celebrate the Jubilee we will push on with our fundraising through will be creating an even greater success for the Jubilee and for Eastbourne, its people and its wildlife.”

The organising committee of the Eastbourne Jubilee Green Canopy are inviting other local businesses and groups interested in supporting the scheme to visit the project website to find out more about sponsorship opportunities: